Project Description

The SmartGrids ERA-NET comprises a consortium of partners representing several European countries, an essential criterion for the transnational collaboration and research activities necessary to achieve the action’s aims. Research and strategic gaps will be assessed and action taken across the network to deliver coordinated, joint calls for funding proposals.

This research may include specific studies into electrical transport systems (e.g. to facilitate grid integration of large-scale electricity with renewables), electrical distribution systems (e.g. to assist Europe’s more than 3 000 Distribution System Operators in sustaining electricity supply), or regulatory issues (e.g. to balance power as a result of the growing share of break at wind-power). The scope of this groundwork is vast, and will require the commitment and engagement of numerous stakeholders.

A smart electrical infrastructure is necessary for Europe, and the time to act has arrived.

Along with the challenges, there are remarkable opportunities. The ERA-NET will facilitate the process in which both these extremes are assessed, and will do so in a synchronised way across Europe. SmartGrids is proof that bold solutions are both possible and imperative for a sustainable future.

Project Results


The SmartGrids Era-Net project is supported by the European Commission.

Project reference: 219343
Theme: Cooperation specific programme: Energy
Directorate-General for Research: Coordination of Research Activities